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Beijing Citylong Plastic Product Co. Ltd was founded by its current CEO Mr. Pan Shibing in 1990. As a young and studious person, Mr. Pan did not have the opportunity to study due to his family conditions at at age 14, started his career as a general worker in a backdoor production factory in Taizhou, Zhejiang. As he garnered more experience, he felt the growth potential of the industry and started saving up every cent he earned. When he was 19, he noticed that the factory had a machine that constantly gave issues which no technician in the vicinity could fix or rectify. This prompted him to take a course on fixing machineries, which was in big demand at that point of time. After which, he started to serve the industry by repairing and maintaining the factories’ machineries which gave him the opportunity to meet more people and save more at the same time.

His luck came when he saved up enough money to buy himself his first plastic mould, which he identified correctly, and this gave him his first break at entrepreneurship. The money made allowed him to invest in more moulds, which increased his product variety, and through every little cent saved from living frugally, Mr. Pan was able to set up Citylong plastic.

The dream was simple, to tap on the vast networks of supermarkets and hypermarkets to reach out to the world’s largest population. When every other manufacturer was looking to export their products or set up their own small retail/ wholesale outlet, Citylong approached the ‘big boys’, overcame the logistic issues required to support them, and grew to become the Number 1 manufacturer and supplier of household plastic products in Northern China.


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